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the desired step... Date: May 20th @ 12:46am EDT
When I propose something I know that it can take time to come and more if they are things that great people have already done, I have never felt like the best and it is a mistake because I have everything both in my mind and my body to be the best, but that is another story ... Today I come to share my new achievement which has exceeded my expectations feeding that great confidence that we all need and that makes us see that we can achieve everything ... I have 2 years as a model of FLIRT4FREE and after the first year I had everything a model needs to be online from home where it is your space, your comfort and your deep privacy ... it is not economical to have everything you need to do this from home and more when you start from 0 and without any extra help in this world of web cam modeling, although if you have the discipline you will achieve and that if you must be organized with your income to get everything of quality to surround you with quality and that your users and visitors see and receive the same quality as part of your comfort.

today i wanted to share my happiness with this achievement and it is the beginning of many more! because i deserve them and i will have them ...
routine exercise Date: Jan 25th @ 8:58pm EST
The pectorals are other muscles that benefit from dumbbell exercises, like these:

Chest press on a bench: lie on your back on a hard surface and grab both dumbbells, one on each side, at chest level, making sure that the palms are facing your feet. Lift them straight up, stretching the elbows and lower them after a short pause.
Opening on a bench: lie on your back on a hard surface. Take the dumbbells, one on each side, placing them at the height of the body and drawing a slight arch with the elbows. Lift them until they are gathered above the body and lower them after a brief pause.
Pullover with straight arms: lie on your back at the end of a surface. Grab a dumbbell with both hands, arms stretched, following the line of the chest. Lift the dumbbell in a straight line until the arms are perpendicular to the floor and lower it after a short pause. In this exercise it is very important that the arms remain extended, without altering the angle of the elbows.
public transport ! Date: Jun 14th @ 9:27pm EDT
haha this is funny as every day when I go to the studio, I head to the bus stop and I hope the truth many buses favor me as they eve to the south and in the south there are many routes then it does not take long to find a bus the difficult thing is to find a bus where I can sit and climb comfortably but today it was not so that once again I am standing and not as comfortable as I deserve it, the bus stops and a boy climbs who can not hide looking at me that I look good with my new haircut ahaha, luckily he has to stand next to me, the bus starts to move and the young man puts his right hand on the bar that uses one to sustain the movements of the bus and I just touch my left hand, I automatically run it a little and analyze its behavior and after 15 seconds your hand makes contact with mine, that confirms my suspicions so we look at each other and our little finger caressed his hand while my eyes I m iraha ahahah hopefully is not the only one that happen to him this kind of thing hahaha
The shower Date: Jun 2nd @ 6:03pm EDT
the alarm sounds and you do not want to get up from your hot and comfortable bed but you know that your obligations are waiting for you so a good shower of cold water is the only way to separate yourself from that bed that does not want to let go of your body is something incredible, like my towel I get naked, my feet touch the cold ground, I turn on the music and the mind takes a positive attitude to start the day the key opens and the water falls first my feet feel it but as I am brave I enter my whole body and completely wet it
MALL Date: Jun 2nd @ 5:56pm EDT
the typical thing you do not know what to do, your money is not very abundant and I want to distract my mind in a nice place so I call one of my friends and I tell him that we go to the commercial center to eat something and to laugh as of constumbre while others look at us weird like we're crazy hahah that's really fun
(The smile is the only rule of life that can not be broken)
election day ! Date: May 27th @ 5:58pm EDT
as is common every 4 years in my country, we feel committed to choosing that person who in many cases is a piece of shit and who will gorbernara our system of government...

my cell phone alarm sounds at 10 am i want to turn it off i want to continue sleeping but i am aware that i have a commitment so i get up, breakfast something healthy not too heavy! and I play some good songs to raise the spirits, I shower and sing like the gods, well that I think I don't know if the neighbours think so!

I take one of my white shirts off to look transparent and calm when I get to the throwaway place and I also love white!

I finally arrive and see too many rows of people, tables and enough people, so I breathe and I place myself at my point that I have to compare with other points, mine was reduced but with enough to think that I won't get out of here quickly... while my turn comes so my eyes can't help but look at the amount of men there are in that place with their families and other single men and with big lumps and provocative assholes thank God I bring my favorite glasses so I hide my desperate looks so I hide my desperate gazes

it's time to vote and because I'm thinking about a guy on the back of my body and the gym side, I forget who to choose hahahaha, but I remember and make my valuable decision, I only pray to God that my country will be in good hands!

mi experiena en FLIRTFREE Date: Apr 5th @ 6:56pm EDT
everything has been very interesting and comfortable, to know the beautiful people with whom I communicate through the flirt page, and every day it generates more anxiety knowing that every day I can meet a wonderful person who can give a great support for my health, mental and emotional that I must have day after day
competencia Date: Apr 5th @ 6:41pm EDT
everything starts with the first Friday of every month I submit to multiple physical tests to know what physical level my body is in, I must admit that it is an exciting day since I was able to improve and fail and know what I am on my team
my day at the gym ! Date: Apr 3rd @ 5:52pm EDT
really everything starts from the night before, where I immediately think of the muscle group I want to improve, everything is basic, prepare my clothes especially my sports shirt that matches my other clothes to see me nice while I make my body explode to have the weights in my hands, to be able in exactly 2 hours to achieve my training and to see in the reflected mirror the state of my body
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